Dump Truck Pto Parts

Dump Truck Pto Parts
I have a 1994 5.9 Cummins diesel with 5 speed manual installation on a 1967 D-500 Series POS dump truck?

is 94 trucks running all electric pumps, and each of my days working for most drivers, however hard they try to tell me my transmission has a PTO the sound of a heavy truck that I am the man of metal fabrications for horses and those who just are not sure of the mechanics and the electronic response is 94 useful Please Cory is a truck early running with all electrical appliances, pumps and the driver of my work every day for most, even try to tell me that my transmission has a power takeoff from a heavy truck, so the 500 has a transmission work and back, which was connected to a 318 I do not know if they are connected to the Cummins or do not meet the requirements of the metallurgy of these frames and just not sure of the answer will be useful mechanical and electronic Thanks in advance Cory

If you Cummins 94 with a speed of 5 then you have the NV4500 transmission. If it does then you have a PTO!

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